Roger Gracie

RGA Chester Membership 

Your first sessions is free, this is so you can see what Gracie Jiu Jitsu is all about and see what you are about to learn and how effective it is for self defence. After your first class you will be given the option to join our unique Academy. Upon Joining you will be given a weeks training for free so we can spend time and ease you into the Jiu Jitsu Life style. We work closely with all our students and our aim is to make sure you progress and learn whilst training at our Academy.



  • Monthly membership £60
  • Monthly membership with Open Mat £70
  • Monthly membership is payable by Direct Debit on the 1st or 15th of the month, we ask for 30 days notice for cancellation.
  • Personal training £300 for 10 sessions
  • Group personal training £400 for 10 sessions




RGA Chester Family Membership


This also runs on a D/D as above but can be used by Father and Son / Mother and Daughter etc.

Basically any 2 family members can join together for a monthly fee of £90


Yearly Membership


You can pay for your membership upfront for the year for £500

This will save you £220 over the year


Lifetime Membership £1000

Just one payment and that's all, you wont have to pay for another lesson with us.


Open Mat

Open mat is avalable to purchase yearly at £100 or you can pay an extra £10 a month on your membership. It allows students to use the gym when classes aren't running. You can drill or roll as much as you like.

Your first stage in your Jiu Jitsu journey is to achieve your Blue Belt. There are only 4 Belts in the system and the first Black Belts were given to 3 of the students in the London Academy in 2005 by Mauricio Gomez (Roger's Father) It is a great achievement to reach Blue Belt standard and it will be a day you remember for the rest of your life. After that dedication will lead you to your Purple, Brown, and then Black Belt. These Belts are earnt not given. If this something you would like to add to your lifetime achievements we are just a phone call away. 07799 532725

RGA Chester 

07799 532725