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Tel: 07799 532725


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We do prefer a phone call it's good to chat and get your first session arranged. Plus if you have any questions on training we will be able to answer them all before you attend. 


Let's pre answer some of your questions.


We have uniforms available at the Academy to use on your first session if you don't have a Gi of your own. 


After a couple of weeks training it is good to get your own Gi, if you train a lot do remember it needs to be washed after every session.


If you're brand new to Jiu Jitsu it's best to attend the Intro sessions, but if the mixed classes suit your schedule better you're welcome to attend those. 


You don't need to get fit first to attend the lessons, we will get you in shape along the way.


We cater for all ages, you're never too old to start Jiu Jitsu.


Now give us that call and let's start training.