Roger Gracie

Roger Gracie Academy Chester Class Schedules.


Please come in tracksuit or a Gi if you have one. After your first months training you will be expected to wear a Gi which are available on line. The Roger Gracie Academy is  unique, we are the only Roger Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Cheshire. If you are ready to learn we are ready to teach. Training is £60 per month payable by Direct Debit through EFC. You can train as many times as you like. Personal sessions are available upon request. Our classes are open to everyone  please come and join us soon.


Introductory Class

For the total beginner to BJJ and also open to all levels to practice the Fundamentals, this will give beginners a great understanding of Jiu Jitsu before more sparring is added to your training. Plus if you want to home in on your submissions that your'e not quite pulling off this is the session where we can look at your technique and change those few things that will help you progress. It's not often you get to practice your Berimbolo or arm bar from mount so in this class that's exactly what we will do. 


Mixed Class

This is for all grades, this class will include techniques and at least 30mins of live drilling and sparring.  This class is also beginner friendly we will pair you off with the right partner to make your training effective and fun.




This is still a BJJ class just with a rash vest and shorts, the class includes technique and at least 30 mins live drilling and sparring. This class is open to all levels.


Little Warriors Class 4-7yrs old

our Little warriors class is for the youngsters with lots of energy and imagination to use. The class is a lot of fun involving exercise and games using BJJ techniques that your kids will enjoy and learn. We will teach them how to break fall and throw, 

how to train nicely with their partners, and the basics of BJJ Self Defence. This is a 30 minute class which is recommended to keep their attention and so that they don't get too worn out. This is important as it's more likely they will remember what they learn if they don't over do it.



KIds Class

As above it's for ages 8 to 15yrs old, Kids 14yrs plus once theya have some technique are welcome to join the adult classes. The Kids classes are 45mins long.



RGA Chester Time Table


Monday Midday Mixed Class 12 - 1pm 


Monday Little Warriors Class 4-7yrs  4.30 - 5pm

Monday Kids Class 8 - 15yrs 5 - 5.45pm


Monday Mixed Class 6 - 7pm 

Monday Judo Class 7 - 8pm ( taught by Tony Higgins 7th Dan Judo Coach )

Monday Intro Class 8pm - 9pm 



Tuesday Kids Class 8-14yrs 6 - 6.45pm

Tuesday Mixed Class 7 - 8pm

Tuesday Intro Class 8 - 9pm



Wednesday Morning Mixed Class 7.30am - 8.30am


Wednesday Midday Mixed Class 12 - 1pm ( Starts 3rd Jan 2018 )


Wednesday Little Warriors Class 4-7yrs 4.30 - 5pm

Wednesday Kids Class 8 - 15yrs 5 - 5.45pm


Wednesday Intro Class  6 - 7pm ( Gareth Topple Assistant Coach )

Wednesday Mixed Sparring Class 7pm - 8pm ( Gareth Topple Assistant Coach )



Thursday Kids Class 8-14yrs 6 - 6.45pm

Thursday Intro Class 7 - 8pm

Thursday Mixed No-Gi  Class 8 - 9pm



Friday Morning Mixed Class 10am - 11am 

Friday Midday Mixed Class 12 - 1pm 

Friday Intro Class 6 - 7pm 


Saturday Drilling Class all levels 10-11am

Saturday Intro Sparring Class 11 - 12 Midday

Saturday No-Gi Class 1pm ( with Ernest Brown Belt Coach )



Sunday 9 - 10am Mixed Class / Family Class ( Parents and Kids can attend )




The address for the BJJ Acadmey is 

RGA Chester, Garden Lane, Chester CH1 4EU


The time table will grow in 2018, Personal Training is available during the day.