Roger Gracie

My BJJ History

I watched Royce Gracie win a tournament and I was instantly hooked on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mauricio Gomez
( Roger's Father ) had started a school back in 1997 in Birmingham but it was a 130 mile trek so I couldnt
make the class. I decided to close my shop in North Wales and work as a Fitness Instructor in London or
Birmingham so I could start training Jiu Jitsu.

I made it to London and started training in the Budokwai Judo club in Chelsea in 2001. Roger was teaching
there and was a Brown Belt at the time. I trained on and off as work took over and I started running my own
Personal Training Company. After a year at the end of a class Mauricio approached me and said your belt is
the wrong colour, shocked and surprised I gained my Blue Belt.


After another 6 years of training hard when I could, many battles with my friends on the mat at Roger Gracie
Academy in London, I had quite a few injuries that stopped me training I still pursued my Purple Belt.

This was hard work and the training kept me strong at the worst of times, Gracie Jiu Jitsu is an amazing tool to
have in life! A want to win and become better pushed me to throw new and technical techniques. Its a great
thing to have something to achieve that money cant buy and knowing how tough it is to receive these illusive
Belts from the source of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Roger Gracie and the other instructors at the London Academy are
World Class.

Walking on the mat when Roger was teaching pushed me every second I trained. There is no way I would attempt to
slack off with such a teacher. My career changed and I opened the Kitesurfing School in North Wales. I still travelled to London to train.



My Friend Nicholas Gregoriades one day received his Black Belt, Nic was beyond dedicated. He lived in the
Academy whilst he trained. I called Nic to congratulate him and arranged a session. Walking on the Mat Nic pulled
out a Purple Belt from his Gi. I couldn't believe it, what a great feeling and an amazing  day. Roger Gracie
Academy Purple Belt! Nic was Roger Gracie's first Black Belt!

4 years on now teaching and I have promoted countless amazing students to Blue Belt and 4 to Purple Belt under the guidance of Roger Gracie, Lucio 'Lagarto' Rodrigues, Nic Gregoriades, and Luciano Cristovam. All who are world champions and have visited our Academy. This story is set to continue and we want you to be part of it!


I received my Brown Belt in October 2012, and straight away for a year I trained hard I didn't stop 2103 was one of the toughest years ever I really pushed myself to the point where I could only achieve 3 press ups in the morning. I gained my Brown Belt from Nic Gregoriades in the Budokwai Chelsea where this all started. And our Academy in Chester really grew. 


4 Years on and I have opened my own Academy in Chester. This has changed a lot of things and is by no means an easy business to run. Doing 4 classes a week in a Leisure Centre was a walk in the park. The Academy has bought in Instructors from around the World and we have been lucky enough to have Mauricio Gomes and Roger Gracie visit and teach seminars for us. 


In December 2016 I received my Black Belt from Roger Gracie at the London Academy. In front of a full mat and all the Instructors, Mauricio Gomes and 40 other Black Belts. 15yrs of training and it doesn't stop here!